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Exceptional Website Development

Building great technology for great results.

Our Unique Approach


Interactive and engaging websites require strong UX design expertise and great concepts.


We don't outsource a single aspect of our work. Every aspect of website design & development is completely run in-house.


In a mobile world, it's crucial to ensure that your website works on every available phone and tablet. This is adaptive website design.


Our expertise extends beyond simple development. From branding, design, advertising and copywriting, our expertise ensures effectiveness.


Our approach is built to drive results for you. We design and create a website that achieves your goals.


Everything we do is customised for your company. Always. You get the best results for your needs, and it's always built for you.

Our Website Design Expertise

Company Websites

Tell us what you want to develop and we'll ensure that it's done for you. From fancy animations to interesting engagement platforms, or just a website that requires a signup. In our eyes, it's all possible.

Websites are an effective marketing tool, when built right. Your potential customers or clients should easily find your website, understand the product you are offering and be compelled to contact you.

Intranet Developments

Build a platform that allows your company to interact, increases productivity or rewards them for tasks completed. Our extensive development experience allows for anything.

Modern web technology is incredibly powerful, and offers the ability to create complex systems that allow employee interactions, communications, rewards and tracking in an easy-to-use way.

CMS Implementation

Every website we build comes with our hand-code CMS system. That means it's easy to use, doesn't come with a million extras that make no sense and allows for fast and effective websites.

Our DFM CMS system is one of our strongest showcases of the simplicity and power of our developments - it is easy to use (even for the technologically challenged) and adaptable to any vision you have.

UX Design

Every website we design is hand-coded. That means no templates, no cookie-cutter, run of the mill websites for you.

UX design is the starting point of a great website - we start by understanding what you want to achieve and how best to engage the users. This methodology dictates the designs we build, and ensures that you get a site that truly reaches the right people and creates business.

Our Experience

ProFlex People
A Facebook ad campaign and landing page, targeted at specific professionals. ... website design company south africa
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We created this clean web design for our client Tic-IT. The responsive design makes the site versatile while showcasing their products and services.... website design company south africa
View Project
Xanthes Aesthetic and Wellness Center
DFM hand-coded and developed this stunning website for our client, Xanthe’s Wellness and Aesthetic Center. The interface creates a great user experi... website design company south africa
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Mwiba Lodge
DFM designed a new brand concept for Mwila Lodge, focusing on a high-end, distinctly African feel. We incorporated patterns common to the local area a... website design company south africa
View Project
Chilla Beverages
DFM developed a new brand concept for Chilla Beverages, with a more focused, cohesive design. The brand was planned across digital, packaging and adve... website design company south africa
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As part of our app development project for Manuva<sup>TM</sup>, DFM developed an interactive, engaging website for the app.... website design company south africa
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Tractionel Enterprise
DFM designed and developed a new website for Tractionel Enterprise based on their requirements for a modern but corporate approach.... website design company south africa
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The Designer Warehouse
DFM developed and designed a marketing campaign concept to deliver sales for The Designer Warehouse e-commerce site. Our concept centred around a high... website design company south africa
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DFM developed this beautiful, clean design and branding concept for a new HH&L. The concept centres around a high-end, but personal feel.... website design company south africa
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Our Digital Marketing Services

Website Development

From e-commerce to intranet and front-end sites, all of our websites are custom built to produce the best possible results. A website should be treated as a core marketing tool, not an extra.

App Development

Developing apps is a specialised field requiring UX design, platform experience, structural planning and backend systems to work effectively. Built it right.

Social Media Management

An effective social media presence is more than just posting some random links. It's all about engagement, brand positioning and effective content.

Digital Advertising

Get great results with PPC campaigns driven to custom landing pages. It's a competitive world out there, but an effective approach breeds results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Drive long-term traffic with a strong organic search results. With over 80% of clicks going to the top 10 search results, being anywhere else is pointless.

Email Marketing

With one of the highest ROIs of any kind of marketing, email campaigns and drip email campaigns are a must for any digital marketing strategy.


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