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Here's an awkward question...
Very cute, but bad for marketing.

Are you doing your job properly?

So... you got your cousin in to manage your PPC campaign and your sister's friend is doing some of your branding for you. They're cheap, and their work isn't bad. So what's the harm?

Bluntly, you get what you pay for. Just like the difference between buying a car for R60 000 (is this possible any more?) and buying a car for R300 000. Nobody expects the cheap car to be comfortable or have aircon - some people might be surprised if it actually goes forward.

The same is true of your branding and marketing. Don't expect your sister's friend to understand the impact that a carefully planned brand can have on your business.

The trouble is this; do you know what you're paying for?

The easiest way to demonstrate this is to use an example. Let's say you're spending R5000 per month on a Google Adwords campaign - maybe your cousin is managing it or maybe you are. Maybe your cat (Buster) got involved at some point.

If Buster were doing a decent job of it, you could reasonably expect 15 - 25 leads per month. If your cat was on a roll and really did fantastically, you might get up to 50 leads per month. Are you getting anything near that? No? Do this calculation; 

(B / CPC) X 0.05 = ?

That is, your monthly budget (B) divided by the average cost-per-click (CPC) times 5% (an average conversion rate). This gives you the expected leads for doing an okay job with the budget available. If you're feeling optimistic, increase the conversion rate to 10% and decrease your CPC by 10%. Do these numbers match what you're getting now?

If we go further down the rabbit hole - have you figured out what revenue this is generating for you? For argument's sake, let's say that once you get a lead you give it over to your dog (Samuel) to sell the hell out of. Sammy is reasonable at selling, so you get about 10% of sales from the leads available. Each sale averages R5000 revenue and R2000 profit. 

If you get anything less than 25 leads per month, you're losing money. But if your cat was doing a great job and getting 50 leads a month, you'd be making R5000 profit. Which side are you on?

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