Dragonfly Marketing Magazine Volume 2, Week 22

Are Billboards Dead?

Our team recently visited a debate revolving around social media, influencer purchasing and the pros and cons surrounding these topics. In some aspects, the discussion had some virtues, but overall, we left with a distinct feeling that the auditorium was filled with an almost religious group of believers in the topic. To us, this doesn't result in much value  - if every person debating and listening believes unequivocally in the topic being debated then there really isn't any education to be had from it.

The reason we bring this up, is that this religious belief in the topic of social media prevalent in the industry today has a tendency to cut other approaches out of the conversation. A simple illustration is easy to find - just take a drive down any highway in the country and you will experience an equal number of unoccupied billboards to occupied ones.

So does that mean that billboards are dead? In our opinion, absolutely, definitely not. The shift to digital may even provide a useful opportunity to companies - costs of billboards are reduced and message dilution is less of an issue when people only see a handful of boards.

In fact, with the mad hysteria surrounding social media, and the saturation of digital advertising on every possible platform, billboards (and therefore more traditional avenues) may have more of a place than ever.
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