Dragonfly Marketing Magazine Volume 2, Week 17

5 Reasons Why We're So Freakin' Awesome!

You're getting these magazine articles most likely because you're one of our clients, employees, or you loved our website and work. Which means that you've already experienced, in one way or another, why we're so incredibly fantastic. Every now and then, though, we take the opportunity to remind you of the facts.

Exceptional quality. We've carefully built our name around the high quality of service, ideas and work that we deliver. Our tagline isn't just a bunch of words - it's the central pillar of  everything we do. 

Unusual approach. We've also killed a lot of braincells trying to figure out the best approach to business, charges, and general work structure that provides all of our clients (big or small) the best possible value. This has led to a different way of doing business, and we've come to set ourselves apart from other agencies quite strongly because of this.

Equal opportunity. At Dragonfly Marketing, we believe that small businesses need all the help they can get (we were once there too). That means that our expertise and quality is equally given to startups as it is to corporations. This will continue to be a key aspect of how we approach every client.

Innovative ideas. Being made up of a bunch of random people from all over the place, we often have ideas that wouldn't fit the mold of a traditional agency. In a few weeks, we will be launching something we're referring to as the Dragonfly Experience - keep your eyes out!

Practising the talk. We often advise our clients to embark on avenues they wouldn't have previously considered - such as email campaigns, digital marketing and so on. Every idea we show you, we have tested on ourselves first!

In summary, we're just unusually awesome at what we do. In the next few months, we're launching new websites (starting today) for ourselves, creating a unique digital experience, opening a branch in Cape Town, launching new products, and giving free training sessions. Keep reading here to find out more as each of these come to life (or follow us on the various social media platforms)!

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