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Building great technology for great results.

Our Unique Approach


We offer a unique approach to digital marketing - the conceptualisation of technology that is unique and one-of-a-kind. This could be anything from strange billboards to interactive websites.


We don't outsource a single aspect of our work. Every aspect of technology engineering developed is completely run in-house.


Some technologies can be developed for unusual purposes, such as choreographing drones to do a little dance as part of an activation.


Our expertise extends beyond simple development. From branding, design, advertising and copywriting, our expertise ensures effectiveness.


Our approach is built to drive results for you. We design and create technology that achieves your goals.


Everything we do is customised for your company. Always. You get the best results for your needs, and it's always built for you.

Our Technology Expertise

App Development

In the digital world, apps are an effective, engaging way to drive business or brand awareness. A carefully built and designed app engages and sells.

Web Development

Web development doesn't need to be limited to a plain old website. It can also involve intranets, reward programmes, web apps and a whole range of unique experiences limited only by your imagination.


Our expertise includes software development across platforms that can be integrated with a variety of hardware systems. For example, building a selfie-taking app is just one of the things we've built for stores.


The use of innovative technology isn't limited to cool software. It's important to integrate the software with a hardware platform that fits the circumstance and delivers results.

Our Experience

ProFlex People
A Facebook ad campaign and landing page, targeted at specific professionals. ... marketing technology company south africa
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We created this clean web design for our client Tic-IT. The responsive design makes the site versatile while showcasing their products and services.... marketing technology company south africa
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We created a series of print and electronic posters for the client. We chose bold colours in line with their corporate identity to highlight their ser... marketing technology company south africa
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Continuous design and brand management of various print and electronic media for internal purposes. We used simple yet fun and clean designs to create... marketing technology company south africa
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DFM created a number of electronic and print posters showcasing different products in the clients service offering.... marketing technology company south africa
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Chilla Beverages
DFM developed a new brand concept for Chilla Beverages, with a more focused, cohesive design. The brand was planned across digital, packaging and adve... marketing technology company south africa
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DFM developed an advertising campaign concept for GMI, focused on building a strong message of trust and approach-ability to set them apart from their... marketing technology company south africa
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The Designer Warehouse
DFM developed and designed a marketing campaign concept to deliver sales for The Designer Warehouse e-commerce site. Our concept centred around a high... marketing technology company south africa
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Continuing our previous digital ad campaigns for Autocar, we developed further email and PPC campaigns for additional products.... marketing technology company south africa
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Our Digital Marketing Services

Website Development

From e-commerce to intranet and front-end sites, all of our websites are custom built to produce the best possible results. A website should be treated as a core marketing tool, not an extra.

App Development

Developing apps is a specialised field requiring UX design, platform experience, structural planning and backend systems to work effectively. Built it right.

Social Media Management

An effective social media presence is more than just posting some random links. It's all about engagement, brand positioning and effective content.

Digital Advertising

Get great results with PPC campaigns driven to custom landing pages. It's a competitive world out there, but an effective approach breeds results.

Search Engine Optimisation

Drive long-term traffic with a strong organic search results. With over 80% of clicks going to the top 10 search results, being anywhere else is pointless.

Email Marketing

With one of the highest ROIs of any kind of marketing, email campaigns and drip email campaigns are a must for any digital marketing strategy.


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