The Value of UX Design [infographic]

January 9, 2017

Many people underestimate the value of a great UX design. But consider your own experience on the web – how often have you exited a website because it didn’t immediately make sense, or because it took too long to load?

Website developers know this well. A great UX design converts, and a rubbish one fails to generate business. So what makes a great UX design? Well, that depends on what you’re building. B2B websites need a lot of content, informatively and easily put across without being too boring. B2C websites need lots of marketing-centric language and layouts, to encourage sales. It all depends.

Most importantly, template websites do not work well. That’s because they’re built for everybody – not you. When you have a new website developed, consider how UX design is going to affect your business financially, and choose a developer who knows what they’re doing.