The 5 Best Digital Marketing Tools

October 31, 2014

At Dragonfly Digital, we get a lot of questions about digital marketing. People often want to know what the best way to go about it is, what we recommend they do, how often and so on.

So we wrote this little article highlighting the 5 best ways to market a business digitally.


1: The Website

The website forms the core of every digital marketing campaign and strategy. The entire concept of digital marketing revolves around the website, the information it provides, and the positive user experience. Because of this, one always needs to begin with the company website – build it properly, manage and update it regularly, and have information that people are looking for. One also needs to plan for the best user experience – this can range from optimising for mobile to having an easy to navigate and understand menu structure. A great user experience and site structure will sell people visiting the site.


2: Effective SEO

Having a pretty website is great, but it will have little impact if nobody can find it. This is where Search Engine Optimisation comes in – the continuous management and improvement of a site to improve its ranking. Browsing our various infographics around this blog, you will notice that a lot of attention is paid to this item. This is because the statistics don’t lie – if 75% of people click on the first three search results, and a website doesn’t appear in them, then it has a 25% chance at best of being clicked on.


3: Content Creation

Creating content for a corporate blog, social media, digital PR is one important aspect of digital marketing that should never be overlooked. Writing articles and informing people of new developments in the industry will help in a number of crucial ways; new information is read and shared via social media, and can generate interest from unexpected sources. It also creates brand awareness and can help cultivate an image of knowledge and expertise – ultimately promoting the company products.


4: Social Media

Of course, the buzzword in marketing at the moment, social media is an important and cost-effective avenue for digital marketing. People often use social media as a contact point for companies and as a source of information. Encouraging a following and promoting products via social media should always be done with careful planning and knowledge, but it should always be done.


5: Advertising 

The central pillar of all marketing, digital advertising spans a number of different avenues, all of which have their own pros and cons. Search engine advertising, social media advertising, and banner advertising are all great ways to reach people and promote products. Careful thought must always be put into the target market, best approach and messaging to generate the highest ROI for the campaign.