How to Create a Captivating Email Newsletter

August 24, 2014

Despite massive growth in new areas of marketing and advertising such as social and web, the email newsletter is still a fundamental way to gain new business and generate interest from old clients. We look at the best ways to make effective use of this tool.

Tip 1: Don’t Break the Law

In many countries (including South Africa), there are strict regulations that govern direct marketing. Don’t be stupid and send out mass emails to every address you can find. Check the relevant legislation and make sure that you follow it, otherwise you run the risk of hefty fines.

Tip 2: Don’t Be Spammy

Spam filters are very sophisticated – they can almost always tell that you are trying to mass sell something completely irrelevant. And if you break any of the rules, your email will go straight to the spam bin. A few things to keep in mind; no excessive punctuation!!!!!!; don’t use spammy words such as WIN, FREE, CLICK HERE, and VIAGRA; don’t place too many images in the email; and avoid links. In other words, send something that you might consider reading if you received it.

Tip 3: Design Something Attractive

As with all advertising, if your email looks ugly, people don’t pay attention. Stand out from the crowd with your design and offer something worth looking at.

Tip 4: Don’t Just Sell

Everybody receives buckets of emails on a daily basis. If your email arrives and it is yet another sales email, most people will disregard it immediately. Write something interesting that is related to your business and make it worth a person’s time to read. Then sell.

Tip 5: Don’t be the Early Bird

When you arrive at the office on Monday morning to find 78 unread emails in your inbox, what do you do? Delete, delete, delete! Don’t let your email become one of those. Instead spend some time carefully researching the day and time that your target market responds the most and send emails then.

Tip 6: Be Funny

Not one-liner funny. Research shows that content that is written well and amusingly gets more of a response than any other type. Be careful not to offend anyone though.

Tip 7: Design for Mobile

When building a website, it is critical to use responsive design in order to ensure that it can be viewed on multiple screen sizes. Take the same approach with emails. Make sure that you create an email that can be viewed and easily read when that CEO you are after is running between meetings.

Tip 8: Offer Specials

Make it worth a person’s time to sign up for your newsletter. If you offer them a discount or a freebie that nobody else gets, they will feel warm and fuzzy inside.