Are You Ready for Mobile SEO?

April 25, 2015

At the end of April, Google is to implemented previously announced changes to its ranking algorithms. The change affects sites that are not mobile friendly – dropping their search rankings massively. The implementation has been a long time coming – Google announced it in February this year, but with access to the internet via smartphones rapidly growing over the past few years, it’s been expected for some time.

Mobile friendly websites use the same URL on both desktop and mobile browsers, using adaptive code to change the layout, text size, and structure of the site to fit the screen size.

The consequence for failing to use adaptive coding is substantial; in July 2014, when Google first began to implement algorithms that were pro-mobile friendly sites, eBay reported an 80% loss in its prime rankings, resulting in a 5% drop in its growth for the year.

Some of the largest websites in the world are not mobile friendly, including Nintendo, Windows Phone, Versace, and Ryan Air. Don’t be one of them! If you aren’t certain, contact us to check it out for you.

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