8 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Stats

August 24, 2014

Social media is a relatively new phenomenon but is quickly becoming an essential marketing and advertising tool for large and small businesses. Here are a few statistics about social media marketing.

Critical to Organic Searches

Marketing experts now consider social media to be second only to strong content in search engine optimisation and a website’s organic search position.

Facebook and LinkedIn Best for Marketing

Facebook is the best social site for B2C companies, with 77% of those companies that actively use it saying they have acquired at least one customer through Facebook. B2B companies, on the other hand, prefer LinkedIn, with 65% saying they have gained at least one customer through the social network.

The Best Companies are Social

Best in Class companies are significantly more likely to use social tools in their marketing strategies. With up to 65% of these companies using social marketing (compared to 51% for the average company) and 51% of the Best in Class companies using social sharing tools (as opposed to 36% for the average company).

Expertise is Critical

52% of consumers say that they have stopped following a brand because the information became too repetitive and boring. To hire an expert at social media marketing, expect to pay between R5 000 and R15 000 for a page setup and from R10 000 to R30 000 monthly for social media management.

Facebook Stats

One in every seven people use Facebook and each user spends an average of 8.3 hours per month on the site. 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook every month and 2.7 billion Likes are issued per day.

YouTube Stats

YouTube is the 3rd most viewed website in the world, with 2 billion page views per day. The site handles 10% of website traffic and over 800 000 new videos are uploaded every day. It would take a single person 1700 years to watch all of the videos on YouTube.

Twitter Stats

175 million tweets are created every day on Twitter, and 1 million new accounts are created every day.

LinkedIn Stats

Two new members join LinkedIn every second and there are over 4 billion professionally orientated searches on LinkedIn every year. LinkedIn is the 36th most visited site in the world.