5 Ways of Building a Modern Website

August 24, 2014

5 Critical Ways of Building a Modern WebsiteWebsite design has been going on for a while, and like all forms of creativity, it is extremely important to keep up with the times. Modern website development companies, Johannesburg South Africa'>website design incorporates a number of different elements and ideas – ideas which a good web designer should always take into account.


Flat Design

Back when the internet first began, it was all the rage to create graphics and websites that looked “real”. This involved elements such as drop shadows, 3D effects, gradients, and so on. Modern design has moved onto flat elements – the internet and computers have become such an integral part of society, that it is no longer necessary to emulate the real world.


Because some elements in the digital world are commonly understood, one can simplify the experience of the user by replacing text with recognisable icons. For example, one might use a menu icon instead of writing “menu”. Social media has brought this into more prominence with the use of their icons.

Adaptive Design

As more people few websites on a combination of devices, it becomes incredibly important that the website views well on any size screen. Adapting the layout to different devices is called adaptive design, and should ALWAYS be used by a good designer.

Open Spaces

Clean websites, big buttons, thin text. These are all modern design elements that create a clean and spacious site. The digital world’s shift to smartphones and apps has led the way (big fingers require big buttons) and bled ideas into all design.

Interactive Elements

Gone are the days when the only thing you could click on was a button. HTML5 and CSS3 have advanced many techniques that allow a creative designer to implement many interactive features, such as animated icons and graphics, sliding text and pages, and more.