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An Exceptional Social Media Company

Driving true brand awareness and engagement.


Our Unique Approach


Building an effective social media following is all about engagement. Getting the right people interested in your product and actually engaging with your brand.


We don't outsource a single aspect of our work. Every social media campaign developed is completely run in-house.


Driving effective engagement requires unique content with great design. Posting useful information at the right time, in the right way delivers results.


Our expertise extends beyond simple social media management. From branding, design, development and copywriting, our expertise ensures effectiveness.


Our approach is built to drive results for you. We create content, post, engage and manage your community to build a positive brand awareness.


Everything we do is customised for your company. Always. You get the best results for your needs, and it's always built for you.

Our Social Media Expertise


Managing social media accounts isn't as simple as posting some links every few days. Creative campaigns are crucial parts of developing brand awareness on social media and engaging followers.

Community Management

What people say about your brand is crucial to how you manage your presence. Get the data that informs and let us manage the comments and messages for you, building a positive brand-centric community.


Driving community engagement requires strong creative, great content and even better design. Ensure that you have the right message and that it's carried in the right way.

Facebook Advertising

Driving traffic through Facebook is one of the most effective advertising methods available. We can target by a huge range of options, including job description, interests, demographics, and much more.

Our Experience

ProFlex People
A Facebook ad campaign and landing page, targeted at specific professionals.
social media management company south africa
Segen Solar
Continuing management of social media platforms, including design & content creation, posting, advertising, and community management....
social media management company south africa
Comet Solutions
A digital advertising campaign run on Facebook and Instagram, driving traffic to a custom landing page for signup....
social media management company south africa
DFM developed the character George the Giraffe and ran a cross-country activation promoting road safety. The campaign included various online media, p...
social media management company south africa
Design and monthly management of social media for Blu52, across multiple platforms. DFM successfully built strong campaigns that engaged the audience....
social media management company south africa
Design, content creation and implementation of monthly social media across multiple platforms. Success of a 750% increase in engagement and followe...
social media management company south africa
Monthly social media management across Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+. We create all content, design work and manage engagements. After th...
social media management company south africa
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Our Digital Marketing Services

social media management company south africa Website Development

From e-commerce to intranet and front-end sites, all of our websites are custom built to produce the best possible results. A website should be treated as a core marketing tool, not an extra.

social media management company south africa App Development

Developing apps is a specialised field requiring UX design, platform experience, structural planning and backend systems to work effectively. Built it right.

social media management company south africa Social Media Management

An effective social media presence is more than just posting some random links. It's all about engagement, brand positioning and effective content.

social media management company south africa Online Advertising

Get great results with PPC campaigns driven to custom landing pages. It's a competitive world out there, but an effective approach breeds results.

social media management company south africa Search Engine Optimisation

Drive long-term traffic with a strong organic search results. With over 80% of clicks going to the top 10 search results, being anywhere else is pointless.

social media management company south africa Email Marketing

With one of the highest ROIs of any kind of marketing, email campaigns and drip email campaigns are a must for any digital marketing strategy.



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